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Hermaphrodite 10 - Chapter 3

Another short, but very sweet one. The next one is 13 pages and then there's one last chapter (but a lot of text unless you all don't really care about what Bambi Takada has to say?) and we're done. I'm on vacation the next three weeks. I'll see that I at least clean the next chapter before I leave so I can start editing again right away when I'm back.

Hermaphrodite 10 - Chapter 3

And once more on Megaupload:
Hermaphrodite 10 - Chapter 3
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Hermaphrodite 10 - Chapter 1

I decided to finally finish what I started, but as I can't really guarantee I'll do it this time around I'll be posting chapter by chapter as I finish them. Some are short, some are a bit longer, but please bear with it.

If possible I'd ask you to not upload this anywhere else while it's a work in progress. Otherwise people will end up with bits and pieces and not know what's going on. I'll post a complete file once I'm done and then you can upload to Aarinfantasy or I don't know. I've been out of the loop for a while :)

But here you go:
Hermaphrodite 10 - Chapter 1

If you find any mistakes, let me know so I can correct them before I post the whole file.

Also that poem is real.

Take a look here for an English translation (which I partially used):

Or here for one copy from the 17th century in Latin:

(10r is where it starts)
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Archive open now!

As there is a limit of 1000 friends, I've opened up the archive now. I ask you to respect the age limit of 18. I'm not taking any responsibility of those who don't!

For those wondering: Yes, I'd love to pick up scanlating once again, but currently it's just not happening. Having a full time job makes you come home tired and without the will to really do anything... well, at least it does that to me. I'm still hoping I'll get used to it :)

Plans for 2009

1. Hermaphrodite 10 by Bambi Takada (90% scanned, 60% cleaned, 25% edited)
2. Souten Kouro by Bambi Takada (a Roy x Ed alternate story, you'll love it and you'll hate it!)

If someone wants to pick up Souten Kouro, please let me know. I wouldn't like to debind the book just to have someone post it the next day :)
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YAOI - 18 and above

Harry Potter:

Master and Pupil Lover:
A loony loop: Snape x Harry, James x Snape (Yaoi) MediaFire DL
Pi: Lucius x Snape, James x Snape (Yaoi) MediaFire DL

Hikaru no Go:

Uwa no Sora:
Suimen: Ogata x Akira, Hikaru x Akira (Yaoi) MediaFire DL
Gloomy Sun Lonely Moon: Hikaru x Akira (Yaoi) MediaFire DL
Gentle Trap: Hikaru x Akira (Yaoi) MediaFire DL
Ogata breaks up with Akira, but someone else is already waiting for him.

Fullmetal Alchemist:

Bean's Kingdom: Envy x Ed (Hard Yaoi)
Envy is bored and plays a bit with Ed. Non-Con, violence. This doujinshi is full color! MediaFire DL

sign #01: Roy x Ed (Yaoi)
Can pure sex have a story? Yes it can! Dark and sexy. MediaFire DL

Stray Cat Strut: Roy x Ed (Yaoi)
Al finds another cat and asks Ed to take care of it. Not knowing what to do, Ed takes it to Headquarters. MediaFire DL

You are my ONLY: Roy x Ed (Yaoi) MediaFire DL
Very sweet shoujo-esk story with some cracktastic full color gag shorts towards the back. MediaFire DL

Takada Bambi (Ronno to Kallus):
Hermaphrodite 1: Roy x Ed (Yaoi) MediaFire DL
Hermaphrodite 2: Roy x Ed (Yaoi) MediaFire DL
Hermaphrodite 3: Roy x Ed (Yaoi) MediaFire DL
Hermaphrodite 4: Roy x Ed (Yaoi) MediaFire DL
Hermaphrodite 5: Roy x Ed (Yaoi) MediaFire DL
Hermaphrodite 6: Roy x Ed (Yaoi) MediaFire DL
Hermaphrodite 7: Roy x Ed (Yaoi) MediaFire DL
Hermaphrodite 8: Roy x Ed (Yaoi) MediaFire DL
An epic story of use and abuse where the first one who falls in love looses. Complete now!
Hermaphrodite 9: Roy x Ed (Yaoi)<--- this is a sequel NEW
Short stories about Ed's and Roy's life after the end of Hermaphrodite. MediaFire DL

Equestrian Game: Roy x Ed (Yaoi)
Roy teaches Ed how to "ride a horse". MediaFire DL

Ed ga Taisa wo amayakasu hon: Roy x Ed (Yaoi)
Roy comes back home tired. Ed is there to help him "refresh". MediaFire DL

Hikaru no Go Doujinshi

nepia HG
Pika-neko KID's Akira x Hikaru and Ogata x Sai
Ogata finds the abandoned Hikaru kitten and takes him home. Akira kitten feels a strong sympathy from the first moment he sees him. Too cute for words! Sai is not a ghost in here! MediaFire DL

Maede Akino
The Moment of Happiness Akira x Hikaru MediaFire DL
Akira finds a kitten in front of Hikaru's apartment. Hikaru decides to take it in.

Yashiro - High School Student Go Yashiro x Hikaru MediaFire DL
Yashiro notices some awakening feelings towards Hikaru.

Uwa no Sora
Funkastic!: Hikaru x Akira
Sweet Short Stories about my favorite couple :) MediaFire DL
Roy (not moving)

Fullmetal Alchemist Doujinshi

Quiet Reunion: Roy x Ed
Scans provided by atoli MediaFire DL
This one also plays after the movie. Very pretty art and a bittersweet story.

Love Mido:
2sweet+2be=4gotten: Roy x Ed
Some questions are better not asked. MediaFire DL

Munich 1921 #01: Munich Roy/Roy x Ed (Co-Project with lostheaven_sc and Deja-Vu) MediaFire DL
Munich 1921 #02: Munich Roy/Roy x Ed NEW MediaFire DL
Plays before the movie. Ed is living with his father in Munich when one day he stumbles upon Roy's alter ego.
Munich 1921 #03 (Project scanned and translated by Futari Kiri, please join their group to download!)

Special Cat:
Kasumiyuku sora se ni shite: Roy x Ed, Al x Ed (?)
A story set during/after the movie. Ed misses Roy and Al notices that something is off. MediaFire DL

Takada Bambi (Ronno to Kallus):
Inu no Hi: Roy x Ed
Ed and Al pick up Roy who seems to think he's a dog. (Scans kindly provided by central_library) MediaFire DL

Wondering Trip:
Sabitsukanai Kokoro: No pairing
Cute, very pretty art and a bit of drama. MediaFire DL

Empty Shell: Roy x Ed
Al visits the Colonel to find out more about the time he's missing. He finds out more than he would have thought. MediaFire DL